PIT III Penyakit Dalam

PIT III Penyakit Dalam



  • The Liver Cirrhosis Complication : Focus on Albumin Therapy
  • Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiency
  • Polypharmacy in The Management of Elderly Patients with Multiple Morbidity
  • The New Paradigm Management of Cancer Pain
  • Nutrition in Kidney Disease
  • Intra Articular Injection Technique
  • Update on Management of Thyroid Emergencies
  • The Update Management Of Sepsis Focus on Fluid Resuscitation And Antimicrobial Use


  • Know more about Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Current Update on Management of Anemia on Chronic Disease
  • Everything about Using Beta Blockers
  • Hot Issue in SLE Disease
  • Prevention and Management Sarcopenia in Older Adult
  • Frailty: The Core of Geriatric Syndrom Recent
  • Advances in The Treatment of GERD in The Elderly: Focus on Proton Pump Inhibitors.
  • Managing Acute Upper GI Bleeding, Preventing Recurrences
  • Management of Severe Sepsis: Focus on Candidiasis Infection
  • Reaching Further Glycemic Control with Rapid-Acting Insulin Analogues

Pembicara dan Moderator

  • Prof. Dr. dr. HM. Bambang Purwanto, SpPD-KGH, FINASIM
  • Prof. Dr. dr. H. Zainal Arifin Adnan, SpPD-KR, FINASIM
  • dr. Suradi Maryono, SpPD-KHOM, FINASIM
  • dr. Supriyanto Kartodarsono, SpPD-KEMD, FINASIM
  • dr. Tatar Sumandjar, SpPD-KPTI, FINASIM
  • dr. Triyanta Yuli Pramana, SpPD-KGEH, FINASIM
  • dr. Wachid Putranto, SpPD-KGH, FINASIM
  • dr. Dhani Redhono Harioputro, SpPD-KPTI, FINASIM
  • dr. Paulus Kusnanto, SpPD-KGEH, FINASIM
  • dr. Arifin, SpPD-KIC, FINASIM
  • dr. Fatichati Budiningsih, SpPD-KGer, FINASIM
  • Dr. dr. Agung Susanto, SpPD, FINASIM
  • dr. Agus Joko Susanto, SpPD-KAI, FINASIM
  • Dr. dr. Arief Nurudhin, SpPD-KR, FINASIM
  • dr. Yulyani Werdiningsih, SpPD, FINASIM
  • dr. Sri Marwanta, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Aritantri Damayani, SpPD, MSc, FINASIM
  • dr. Bayu Basuki Wijaya, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Satriyo Budi Susilo, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Eva Niamuzisilawati, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Evi Nurhayatun, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Ratih Tri Kusuma Dewi, SpPD, FINASIM
  • dr. Diding Heri Prasetyo, SpPD, M.Si, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Yudhi Hajianto, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Agus Jati Sunggoro, SpPD, FINASIM
  • dr. Nurhasan Agung Prabowo, SpPD, M.Kes
  • dr. Aryo Suseno, SpPD, M.Kes, FINASIM
  • dr. Ratih Arianita Agung, SpPD, M.Kes
  • dr. Didik Prasetyo, SpPD, M.Kes
  • dr. Warigit Dri Atmoko, SpPD, M.Kes
  • dr. Kun Salimah, SpPD, M.Biomed

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