In Indonesia, the level and range of superspecialistic health services, especially in the field of Internal Medicine, is still low and is a problem that needs to be solved by experts working in the fields of science related to each. To deal with superspecialistic cases, professional health workers with the highest professional education qualifications, namely the Doctor of Specialists, are required. Qualifications as a Subspecialist Doctor are produced through 3rd professional education level (Third Professional Degree) or subspecialist education. As is known, currently the number of Subspecialist doctors in the field of Internal Medicine is still limited and all of them are found in big cities.

Therefore, the Department of Internal Medicine FK UNS felt the need to open the Internal Medicine Doctor Education Program, in order to meet the needs of professionals in each specialization in the branch of Internal Medicine.

This study program has 3 specificity branches of Internal Medicine that have been opened and received a Decree from the College of Internal Medicine as an institution that organizes the Medical Education Program for Internal Medicine Subspecialists, namely;

Tropical Infection



Hopefully the purpose of opening this program can be achieved for the benefit of the world of medical education and health services, especially in the field of Internal Medicine in Indonesia

Head of the Medical Study Program for Internal Medicine Sub-Specialists in the Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University / RSUD Dr. Moewardi

Prof.Dr.dr.HM.Bambang Purwanto,SpPD,K-GH,FINASIM

Educational Vision

Becoming a Center for Internship Medical Education Sub-Specialist (PPD-SPD) Program, producing professional and superior competent graduates in 2030

Educational Mission

  1. Organizing a Specialist Internal Medicine Specialist Education Program that has quality, has knowledge and skills and has a professional attitude.
  2. Organizing the education of Specialists in Internal Medicine who are able to compete in the development of modern medical science based on competence at the national and international levels.
  3. Carry out an active role in research development and be able to carry out the medical profession responsibly in the public health service system.
  4. Producing Specialists in Internal Medicine who are highly dedicated, moral and virtuous according to the medical code of ethics.

Educational Implementation

Staff Instructor

Prof. Dr. dr. Zainal Arifin Adnan, SpPD, K-R
Prof. Dr. dr. Bambang Purwanto, SpPD, K-GH
dr. Suradi Maryono, SpPD, K-HOM
dr. Supriyanto Kartodarsono, SpPD, K-EMD
dr. Tatar Sumandjar, SpPD, K-PTI
dr. Triyanta Yuli Pramana , SpPD, K-GEH
dr. Dhani Redhono, SpPD, K-PTI
dr. Wachid Putranto, SpPD, K-GH
dr. Arifin, SpPD, K-IC
dr. Fatichati Budiningsih, SpPD, K-Ger
Dr.dr. Arief Nurudhin, SpPD, K-R
dr. Paulus Kusnanto, SpPD, K-GEH
dr. Agus Joko Susanto, SpPD, K-AI
Prof. Dr. dr. Achmad Arman Subijanto,MS
Prof. Dr. dr. Ambar Mudigdo, Sp.PA(K)
Prof. Dr. dr. Muchsin Doewes,SU,AIFO,MARS,P.FARK
Prof. dr. Ari Natalia Probandari, MPH, PhD
dr. Vitri Widyaningsih,MS,PhD
Dr. dr. Trisulo Wasyanto, SpJP(K)
Dr. dr. Harsini, SpP(K)

Acceptance of Prospective Participants

1. Time

Acceptance of prospective PPD-SPD PS participants is carried out 2 (two) times a year or every semester 1-2 student candidates per specialization, namely in January and July.

2. The Candidate

Internal medicine specialist as evidenced by a diploma from an internal medicine specialist education institution recognized by the Internal Medicine College.


General (Academic)

  1. Photocopy of legalized Internist diploma
  2. Photocopy of academic value transcript is legalized
  3. Photocopy of Internist competency certificate from KIPD
  4. Certificate of TOEFL score (≥500)
  5. Internist + (Specialization Specialization Gastroentero) Hepatology

Attachments (Administrative)

  1. Certificate of health
  2. Completed the PTT task / run a minimum of 2 years internist profession
  3. Proof of transfer registration
  4. Photograph 3×4 6 sheets
  5. Rp. 6,000 stamp duty = 4 sheets
  6. Local PAPDI recommendation letter (according to domicile)

Receipt Flow

The procedure for admission of FK UNS PPD-SPD candidates according to the Dean of FKUNS Number: 21 / UN.06 / PP / 2014 namely through the selection stage at the University level and at the study program level and by involving the Internal Medicine College

1. Prospective participants fill out online forms.

2. The validity of academic and administrative requirements, carried out at the level of the Faculty of Medicine UNS.

3. After fulfilling the candidates’ requirements, it is delegated to the relevant Department to take part in the admission selection, in the form of written tests and interview tests.

4. The Department reports the results of the selection to the College of Internal Medicine for Request Letters (based on Perkonsil 21 of 2014).

5. After obtaining a Recommendation letter from KIPD, the Department sends a complete selection file along with recommendations from KIPD to FK UNS.

6. FK UNS sent a letter of notification received / not received to prospective participants.


Registration Form