Social service RS Dr. Moewardi in Semarang

Semarang – dr. Novandi Erry (Left) and Dr. Wisnu Sanjaya (Right) is carrying out an examination at the Social faction event.

The Free Medication program has been held at the Gradika Building, the governor’s office complex in Semarang, on Sunday 11/25/2018 starting from 07.00-12.00. This program targets as many as 1,000 patients along with 7 hospitals in Central Java Province, and one of them is Dr. Moewardi Surakarta, where Dr. Wisnu Sanjaya and Dr. Novandi Erry Wicaksono from the Department of Internal Medicine as a representative. Not only doctor’s examinations, such as Checking Blood Sugar, Gout, cholesterol and consulting a doctor directly, this event also provides health education, with the aim of providing important information about health, healthy lifestyles and for efforts to foster a society that is aware of the importance of clean living and healthy, of course, this attracted the attention of Semarang residents who enthusiastically participated in this event. -Akbar