Today, March 28th 2021, Sebelas Maret University with the Internal Medicine College (KIPD) organized the National Board Examination Batch XLIII. The first day of the examination was held with Computer Based Testing (CBT) in the Faculty of Medicine, Sebelas Maret University. There were 19 participants in this board examination. The exam consists of 200 questions that must be completed in 200 minutes. All participants took the exam with enthusiasm and thoroughness. Every effort has been done to achieve success in the test.

The examination in pandemic era was held according to health protocols. Each participants took temperature measurement, was keeping safe distances, and doing hand hygiene both before and while in the examination room. Today’s CBT exam was successfully done, because of all participant and committee’s hard works. We pray that all doctors could pass the exam and get the best results in the XLIII Board Examination 2021. Hopefully all of the hard works could be paid off and bear new Internists that are helpful for the country.