Intermoska Made a History at the Celebration of Indonesian Independence Day in RSDM

On August 9th and 16th, RSDM held its 74th Indonesian Independence Day celebration, which took the form of indoor and outdoor competitions. Indoor contests include Hero-like Contest, Crazy Wheels, Eating Starfruit, Poster Design and Yells, then for Outdoor, among others are Rubber Relay Contest, Keeping-Candle-lights-on Race, Ping-Pong Ball Race, Moto GP Sack Race and Sandals Matching.

This event was attended and supported by The Head of Internal Medicine Department, Dr. Wachid Putranto, Sp.PD, K-GH., FINASIM., Dr. Supriyanto, Sp.PD, K-EMD, FINASIM., And Dr. Agus Joko Susanto, Sp.PD, K-AI, FINASIM

The interesting part was The Intermoska succeeded in making history around RSDM, which won the 1st place in the category of “Keeping Candles” by the batch 27th of Internal Medicine Resident Doctors (Dr. Ega, Dr. Adam, Dr. Marcel, Dr. Fian and Dr. Komar). Previously said by dr. Agus Joko Susanto, Sp.PD, K-AI, FINASIM that since the first batch, this is the first time The Resident of Internal Medicine Department has managed to score a win, even though there was only one win, hopefully this could be a motivation for the next generation of Intermoska to win more trophies.