Expert Lecture “Master Class of Thalassemia Major and Intermediate”

Today, Monday, March 11, 2019, the Indonesian Hematology and Blood Transfusion Association (PHTDI) in collaboration with RSUD Dr. Moewardi Surakarta has held an expert lecture entitled “Master Class of Thalassemia Major and Intermediate”.

The lecture was attended by many staffs, doctors, residents and co-assistant doctors from various divisions and majors from RSUD Dr. Moewardi & UNS Surakarta. As moderators and speakers in this lecture are Dr. Suradi Maryono, Sp.PD-KHOM, FINASIM, dr. Sri Marwanta, Sp.PD, M.Kes, FINASIM, and dr. Kun Salimah, SpPD, M.Biomed from the division of clinical hemato-oncology in internal medicine Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta, dr. Muhammad Riza, Sp.AK, M.Kes. as the chairman of the Pediatric Division at RSUD dr. Moewardi Surakarta, and Dr. dr. Tubagus Djumhana Atmakusuma, Sp.PD-KHOM as the general chairman of the Indonesian Hematology and Blood Transfusion Association (PHTDI).

This lecture was also attended by two experts of hematology and pediatrics from overseas, Prof.Dr.Vasillios Antonios Berdoukas, better known as Prof.Dr.Vasili Berdoukas, a Greek-born hematologist and pediatrician, and now served as a Consultant at Apotex Research, Inc. Canada. And Prof. Dr. Fernando Tricta, Vice-President of Medical Affair at ApoPharma, Inc., Canada. The essence of this expert lecture is to discuss how to manage chronic anemia in thalassemia, and how to treat iron overload that often occurs in thalassemia.