1st Anniversary YASSI

The 1st Sjogren Syndrome Foundation and Odhamun Gathering was held on Saturday, 10 November 2018 at ADHIWANGSA HOTEL SURAKARTA. The event was opened by Dr. Warigit Dri Atmoko, Sp.PD, M. as Chair of the Sjogren Syndrom Indonesia Foundation. The event was attended by Dr. Wachid Putranto SpPD-KGH and Sukarakarta’s head of service and around 200 participants who were representatives of the clinic’s health center, hospital or clinic, and various autoimmune communities or foundations (lupus, Sjorgen Syndrome, Psoriasis)

This program starts from 08.00 to 13.00. The composition of the program is the opening, a short lecture on Sjogren Syndrom by Dr. Agus Joko Sp. PD KAI FINASIM and continued with talk shows or testimonials from the ODAMUN stage. Next is the event of cutting cone and delivering vandel to the committee to the committee, then administrators to ODAMUN survivors, and related foundations. In addition, the event continued with an entertainment session containing offerings from survivors and representatives from the foundation. After that the event was closed with a prayer together