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Internal Medicine Specialist Education Faculty of Medicine UNS

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Experienced Teachers

PPDS of Internal Medicine UNS has teaching staff who are experienced in their fields.

Technology Based

The use of technology in the education system, making learning effective, up to date, and in accordance with the present era.

Distance Learning

We have a distance education communication facility (website, discussion group, alumni group), so students and alumni can still communicate, discuss, share experiences and cases and get the best solution.

Qualified Graduates

PPDS Internal Medicine FK UNS has a high graduation rate, spread throughout Indonesia.

Accredited by LamPTKes

Internal Medicine PPDS UNS accredited A, which is the best brand value of the education system

Career Support

We are wide open to pursue a career with us, become teaching staff, the opportunity to continue education.

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Admission Year 2019/2020

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